Which50 from CustomerMinds is a Multi-Channel Digital Communication Platform for B2C organisations. Our Software as a Service model allows organisations to benefit from 10 years of development, in a pay as you go manner. Which50 brings together marketing, operational and social communications, delivering significantly better customer experiences.

Which50 allows your organisation to design, execute and report on all your digital communications via a single database, saving significant time and hassle.

Which50 requires minimal training, empowers a broad range of use cases across your organisation, and removes the fear sometimes associated with going digital.

Which50 is tried and tested and adheres to the highest data compliance standards.

Facilitates a complete customer view by centralising all customer communications on one platform and integrating with your organisation’s core business systems.

CustomerMinds is at the forefront of digital communication. Our mission is to continually facilitate a complete customer view by integrating operational, marketing and social communications to create a better customer experience.

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