Which50 facilitates a complete customer view by centralising all customer communications on one platform and integrating with your organisation’s core business systems.

Which50 is tried and tested and adheres to the highest data compliance standards.

Which50 requires minimal training, empowers a broad range of use cases across your organisation and removes the fear sometimes associated with going digital.

Single Database

Do you have a centralised communication database that offers you a single view of each customer? Are you able to record their preferences and their behaviours for more accurate targeting in the future?

At CustomerMinds, we believe that modern communication is all about data, not necessarily BIG data, but more what we like to call ‘Really Useful Data.’ Bringing all of your customer data together in a cloud-based multi-channel digital communication platform that integrates with your core business systems is the key to an informed and successful communication strategy.

To manage the customer experience in a B2C environment the key areas of your organisation need to be connected. The customer experience is influenced by every touch point, and the single database is the key to meaningful customer relationships.



The older it gets the better it performs! Email may not be the hot new ingredient in your marketing mix but it still works well. Mix it up with a bit of social, make sure it looks great on mobile, and off you go!


Consumers today are mobile, so let them know you are too – Which50 makes it easy for you to design and deliver for mobile. And don’t forget about using text messages – over 2 Trillion SMS messages are sent every year!

Landing Pages

They got your message, but what happens next? You need to direct your customers somewhere they can really engage. It’s a great idea to set up individual Landing Pages for each campaign linked to your website or Facebook page.


Everyone knows that social makes sense, but how do you make sense of social? Which50 makes it easy for you to include social sharing in your digital campaigns and to embed landing pages in your Facebook pages.


If you are working from a single database or if your multi-channel digital communication platform is integrated into your organisation’s data management system, then you are in a great position to benefit from a database driven communication strategy.

To optimise customer experience, your digital communications platform must be able to automate, segment, re-target, personalise, capture new data and give you the freedom to brand and design your communications.


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