We thought it might be interesting to present some simple ‘snapshots’ that show a few of the innovative ways that our clients are “Going Digital” using the Which50 platform

You can click on each image to see a larger version and then ‘Contact Us’ to find out more.

Welcome Journey

See how easy it is to automate the process of ‘going digital’ with all of your new customers.

Collections & Billing

Check out how an integrated digital billing and collection process could work for you.

Event Campaign

Find out how to set up a sophisticated digital campaign to support your next event.

Manage Opt-Out Process

It is critical to automate the process of managing ‘Opt-Outs’ to stay compliant with Data Protection regulations.

Business Continuity

Check out this really simple but effective solution for managing communications around Business Continuity issues.

Customer Service Case Management

Find out how to keep your customer ‘in the loop’ whilst you are solving their customer service issue.

Data Enrichment

Keeping your customer data accurate and up-to-date is critical for any organisation looking to ‘Go Digital’.

Recruitment Event Follow-Up

If your recruitment teams are running events how do they follow-up with their ‘millennial’ candidates.

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