“Going Digital” can be scary!

5 questions to ask any digital partner

In today’s marketplace, digital marketing and digital communication is becoming more commonplace than ever before. It would appear that “going digital” is no longer a choice for a business, but a necessity. Some of the reasons are:

• the organisation saves money,
• they are more agile (it’s faster),
• technology allows for targeted communication (the right message to the right customer),
• it allows the organisation merge the operational and marketing communications in one place (better customer experience),
• it’s better for the environment (less paper, less printing).

The arguments for adopting digital communication are too strong to ignore. But going digital opens up a myriad of new ways for the organisation to utilise customer data.

When the traditional marketing professional has been charged with moving to digital communications (where the risks & processes are new), it can be daunting! Anything that eases the FEAR associated with “change” is often a welcome relief. CustomerMinds’ multi-channel digital communication platform, Which50, is developed to ease the fear around data protection and compliance. The platform can be operated with minimal training and allows you to create multi-channel campaigns in one place. Together, these features significantly reduce the fear associated with going digital.

The fear of change itself is a powerful thing, but the fear of being left behind trumps this – so many marketing professionals have to embrace their fears. Dealing with data, understanding the legal responsibility of the data controller, and understanding how to protect the data are all very real and legitimate concerns.

The cost of UK data breaches has reached a record high, according to the 2016 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Study, with an average cost of £102 per breached record.This is a 1.7% decrease on the previous year, but don’t be fooled – the report shows a nine year upward trend from £47 per record in 2008 to £104 in 2015. In addition, the average annual cost of a breach to organisation is now £2.53 million per annum.

Today’s marketplace accepts the need to communicate across multiple channels, but understanding the risks associated with each of the channels often compounds the initial fear. A lot of organisations use multiple third party suppliers to deliver the multi-channel communications – but again this only increases the fear level, as you have to assess the credentials of each partner, duplicating the work and increasing the risks. It’s worth noting that a meaningful multi-channel communication strategy will include data collection through inbound marketing campaigns, and as a result the responsibility of collecting and storing this data increases.

Who an organisation partners with is the key to easing data concerns. One digital communication platform makes sense and here are 5 questions to ask your potential communication partner.

5 Questions to ask a potential communication partner:
1. Are your systems regularly “Pen Tested”? (Penetration test)
2. What internal “information security” processes are in place? (UK Cyber essential scheme)
3. Are your data storage / system servers located in the EU? (Transferring data outside the EU)
4. Are you aware of the law changes coming into force across the EU 2018? (GDPR)
5. Who are you currently working with? Financial, insurance and large B2C organisations typically operate to a very high data protection standard and therefore can only work with partners who match their data compliance standards.

This is not an exhaustive assessment of a potential digital communication partner but it is a good “litmus test” for early conversations.

Working with data is at the heart of the modern day communication strategy, but it does have risks. As mentioned already, the advantages of digital marketing and operational communications are too big to ignore and so for an organisation, working with a recognised provider who can deliver multi-channel communications in one secure platform is important. To discuss these concerns and see what such a solution looks like, why not register for a demo or simply give us a call?We would be delighted to meet and guide you through the process and outline how Which50 can ease the fear of going digital.

To understand more about Which50, our Multi-Channel Digital communication platform… click here!

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