CustomerMinds has been developing solutions to manage consent and communications for over ten years. Significant investments have been made to enhance the existing infrastructure and functionality so that the latest version of the Which50 platform is fully aligned with the requirements of the GDPR.

Reduce the risks of fines by addressing key GDPR requirements

Control digital communications in a compliant manner

Collect, record and manage consent centrally

Enjoy a single customer view of your digital communications

Have your Subject Access Request at a touch of a button

Securely store and manage your customer data

Mantain and access a digital audit trail

The 4 key pillars at the heart of GDPR Compliance:


Collect and manage consent to marketing in a transparent fashion

Provide your customers with a personalised profile centre that allows them:

  • View consent statements
  • Change/update their consent across channels
  • Update/edit their personal data
  • Indicate their ’communication preferences’ in relation to content and frequency of communication


Control digital communication in a compliant manner

Communicate securely and effectively with all of your customers

  • Automated control of Email & SMS Delivery
  • Automatically apply consent to all marketing communications
  • Embedded links to profile centre to support simple and transparent ‘Opt-out’ options
  • Control and manage the data lifecycle of your personal data



Record and maintain a digital audit trail for compliance purposes

All activity by users and consumers is recorded in SQL Server databases with full audit and reporting capabilities.

  • Full database-level tracking and audit of all data processing activities
  • Strict Roles & Permissions for all functionality and reports
  • Generic and custom reporting capabilities


Tools and reports to streamline Subject Access Requests

Dedicated Portal to enable GDPR Teams to react quickly to Subject Access Requests

  • Access all information required to handle data requests and extracts at the touch of a button
  • Access and manage consent and permissions for all customers
  • Delete history for customers on request – aka “Right to be Forgotten”

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