Are you nervous about using data?

Data Driven Digital Communication

Data… data… data… we know the trend in today’s world is all about data and how organisations can use it to offer better customer experiences, better automated workflows and reduce costs and time for basic repetitive processes.

The data revolution is happening across all sectors and the importance of data is growing significantly.

What does using data mean in the world of Digital communication?

It means you can automate any clearly definable customer touch point or journey for example the “Welcome Journey”. You can personalise email and SMS communications (i.e. Dear William). You can target specific content to specific people and in turn you can retarget people who show interest in a particular piece of content. You can track the different types of communications you have with an individual customer and best of all, “useful data” means you can report on who is interacting with you and who is not. Of course, Data allows you to do all of this and so much more… but it’s scary right?

On one level it’s scary because if you have no “data” experience or training… executing on a simple “Welcome Journey” requires getting the right data in the right format (i.e. CSV) for your 3rd party single channel provider and this can be time consuming and terrifying if you don’t understand data. But thankfully those days are over… now you simply integrate a digital communication platform with your core business system or CRM platform and the technology does it for you… so the fear on that level is disappearing. There are other bigger worries but thankfully those worries are being addressed too.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are a new set of rules that organisations must adhere to. Breeches of these rules come with significant fines for those who fall foul of them. The Regulations come into place in May 2018, which may sound like a while away but since the new Regulations represent a culture shift in terms of the way data is used, every day between now and then is vital.

GDPR should be embraced by all of us… as we will all enjoy its protection. CustomerMinds have been aware of GDPR for over a year and have built the regulation requirements into our digital communication platform. GDPR is an excellent aspiration it represents customer privacy (both yours and mine).

We are all human, and it can appear frightening (especially when it comes with fines attached). But fear not, GDPR outlines the responsibilities of the “data controller”, in a clear workable manner. As a data controller what that means is you know your responsibilities. This will make it much easier to identify the right digital communication partners to work with and significantly reduces the fear associated with “going digital”. To benefit from digital communication you need use data to drive it.

The data train is coming and eventually we will all be on it, to one degree or another. So instead of feeling the fear, just find the right “data driven” digital communication partner and plug into their expertise.

Oh-don’t worry about knowing who the right digital communication partner is, they will be dying to “show off” their GDPR credentials, If not, beware!

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